Has SRF Lost its Way - NO!

Has SRF Lost its Way - NO!
This Living Prophet/Savior is still working in the world of SRF devotees.

Sunday, 11 January 2015


J Donald Walters, the founder of Ananda village changed many of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, and misunderstood others. Such was his disregard and disloyalty for the great master.
Thus was Yogananda's prophecy fulfilled, "you aren't going to disappoint me, are you Walter?"

Although one will see that SK often praises and feigns deep affection for Yogananda, SK's heart is far from most of what Yogananda was trying to do and actually stood for. SK found it unbearable that he was taking directions from women in Yogananda's organization. In his mind the Gurus way was the wrong way, and only he[SK] should be running the show according to his own obsessions for power and position.
Although it was and still is clear to everyone else that Yogananda had trained Daya Mata [a far more advanced disciple free of egotism] and others for this position. SK simply did not have the same vision of master's plan that would be good for SRF's future.

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My personal experiences with Kriyananda and Self-Realization Fellowship.
Members of Ananada [Expanding Light] may not be getting all the facts about their founders sad life.

January 12 , 2015

I began the study of comparative religion at an early age. Out of this search of many years for a better way, I was eventually directed to the life and work of Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of the Self-Realization  Fellowship/YSS.
At that time my disposition was one of serious anti organization
and strong independence - not seeking any kind of spiritual teacher.

When, after 6yrs of seeking,  the LIVING prophet Paramahansa Yogananda  introduced himself to me through a book written about Him, it became immediately evident that through a series of very exact influences over the years in my life, it was He alone who had been directing my steps and education for several years in the great quest of the Spirit. This is what
Living Gurus do even after they pass on. They do not need a body.
At that moment, although I was in sort of a state of shock,
I knew both intellectually and intuitively that Yoganandaji was the One.
 It was 1958 and I clearly felt His living presence radiating from this wonderful publication from SRF, “The Master Said,” by Paramahansa Yogananda.
This inspiring volume is now titled, “Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda” I took the SRF lessons course but momentarily hesitated re receiving Kriya Yoga, and only through a little reflection and some wise guidance from SRF Mother Center did I decide to
go for it! Eventually I experienced all the good that comes from
listening to the Guru. The Guru opens the doors to real freedom
and self-empowerment. He created this organization, this sacred
community, for a divine purpose. The soul of Babaji’s spiritual
community is Self-Realization Fellowship/ YSS. And it was due to the devoted work and loyalty of many monastics and others who serve SRF that we can all enjoy the great benefits of their publications, personal guidance, initiations into SRF advanced Kriya yoga, retreats, counseling, and the many blessings that millions have known through various contacts with the life and work of Yogananda through Yogananda’s only church – the Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS.

For those of you who are still searching for a spiritual path and salvation in God-Realization. I give my personal testimony that if you are attracted to this sacred path of SRF, Yogananda, a
Living Guru, still provides all that you will ever need to reach your goals. Be it greater creativity, self-empowerment, happiness, enlightenment through advanced Kriya Yoga, understanding and getting along harmoniously with others, inner psychological and spiritual healing, success, or cosmic consciousness. Between the SRF/YSS Lessons Course and other SRF/YSS publications, and the blessings and guidance promised by Yogananda to all SRF Kriyabans – it is all there. And this all comes with personal counseling and guidance from SRF/YSS monastics, ministers and other staff members always helpful.

Nowhere did our gurus say that “after you learn such and such
you need to find another path to take you further.” That is not
the way the Guru/discipleship system works, and any such
talk is by those desperately seeking power and more followers.
The record shows that without doubt, what the master left us
in Self-Realization Fellowship /YSS works for all attuned sincere and loyal devotees.  In fact, Yogananda once said;” If you will do only 5% of what I have shown you, you will find God in this life.”
If the teacher is divinely realized , He is a true Guru and you will never need another
to take you all the way.
 That "Living Master" effectively works with all His devotees even after leaving the physical body.

With the right effort, loyalty, and attunement, and grace you will find it all in the
SRF/YSS masters and teachings. These teachings supply
many important elements that have been missing from
most popular religious movements for a long, long, time.
It is this most advanced “science of religion” that makes all
 the difference in the world, and the living example of such
divinely advanced leadership that we have seen in
SRF/YSS lineage in both India and the West.

This SRF Spiritual Legacy [a divine global dispensation] will
will surely go a long way to bringing peace, unity, and understanding
to this divided world for future millenniums. Nearly every misunderstood
problem of popular religion was corrected and clarified by Paramahansa
Yogananda in His life examples and teachings. They work!

ANANDA; a community hiding behind many front names was misled by Walters for 40+ years.
There was a time many years later that I met J Donald Walters
on about 3 occasions. Around circa 1979 I was driving through
California after attending the wonderful SRF World Convocation in LA.
My family and I had the opportunity to visit Ananda up near
Grass Valley/ Nevada City area. We stopped there one Sunday morning as I was
considering getting involved in some kind or spiritual community living.
I must credit Mr Walters with saving me from a very serious
misdirection of my spiritual life. It wasn't anything negative he said.
But when I left Ananda after a long visit and a chat with JD Walters I had
the clearest feeling that this life was not for me. I felt something was
very wrong here and I could not put my finger on it. I was left with
the clear impressions that Ananda was controlled by a man full of
guile and manipulation. He seemed very charming but was really a
shallow suffering egotistic yogin. SEE>>>>>>>

It took me many more years to further understand that great
evils can and do occur in these communities when the leader is
too spiritually immature to be any kind of real spiritual teacher.
Then there were those terrible court sessions that really exposed
Walters ignorance of his own major psychological problems. Problems which
the correcting of seemed to elude him at the peril of his devotees.
It took too many more years before he was forced by his deteriorating condition
 to seek prof help via a shrink and medications. Had he given more time to
 changing himself instead of being bitter and self-deceiving, things could have been different.
Problems of the ego that he failed to sort out even to the very end of his life.
He was truly the Judas of all of Master’s devotees, who did many
foolish and unspeakable things while struggling with obsessions
that he should have been the leader of all of Yogananda’s great work
His attitudes and behavior was a disappointment to Yogananda's good name.

Even though Walters was very persuasive and cunning, he never had
any real spiritual depth, this especially showed up in his later years.
He writes in his book that after moving to America, at school he was
made to feel like a “worthless human being.” [ The Path]The problem
never really went away. Shortly after Sri Daya Mata’s passing, Walters had
the nerve to call SRF and tell Brother Anandamoy that, “all would be
forgiven,” if SRF made him the next president. A similar comment was made to an LA Times correspondent.  Not on your life…..!
What egotism! What gall!
This shows the even a year before his passing he was still unaware of his spiritual status
and psychological problems and the harm he had done to others.

Even Yogananda warned Walters about the future, “Donald, you are not going to disappoint me- are you?” said the Master. And when all is said and done, history shows Walters to be one of Yogananda’s
very greatest betrayals and disappointments. He did much harm emotionally and spiritually to many naive, trusting devotees. The truth is out there, see for yourself!

Much of what J Donald Walters wrote and Crystal Clarity wrote was
either twisted, plagiarized, and stolen from the intellectual material rights that Yogananda
 himself had clearly deeded solely to the Self-Realization Fellowship.
He was essentially a thief, and a liar, which he justified as he imagined himself
to be Yogananda’s number one boy. Such delusions are ever painful
for those who seek power long before they are ready. And I feel for all those
who innocently imagined that Walters was some kind of guru. He was not
even close to being anyone’s guru. He made the great error of not changing himself first.
He had broken his monastic vows in various ways [by his own admissions]
long before he was fired  from SRF/YSS. This continued on and on. He was fired only after extreme
patience on the part of Daya Mata, and the final straw was when he was
deported as “persona non grata” by the Indian government for 10 years. It leaves a
very dark mark on YSS when the vice-president creates such offences that the government of India ordered Walters out of the country. Can you imagine how much that set back master’s work in India for many years! He was a failure as a monastic, the lack of control over SRF/YSS ate at him constantly.
You may wonder why the Self-Realization Fellowship has never detailed all the reasons why Walters was fired. SRF does no vilify persons publicly or privately.  [It also is very rare for an organization to fire and executive of such a position] This was a courageous and difficult decision for Sri Daya Mata and the SRF board of directors. But in the long run it proved to be a divinely wisdom guided decision that save the SRF from many future scandals and harms. Many thanks to the Board of Directors! Of course Ananda members will always want to cover up and stand by their pseudo guru. Ananda covering up his sexual exploits for years and decades. They are now using the name Expanding Light often.
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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Some thoughts on Autobiography of a Yogi

Some thoughts on Paramahansa Yogananda's classic Scripture;
                          AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI....
from SRF Publishers LA USA.
Blog by PYislove ............re the orange covered best editions.

To Truly get at the heart of this spiritual classic takes most persons more than one reading, as it all depends where one is in their personal evolution. One fellow told me he didn't like it because Yogananda did not come from a poor family - gimme a break!
Those who are still steeped in dogmatism of "one way" belief may react fearfully just to the front cover. Some will not be able to get past the second chapter. After being in the dark a long time - light hurts ones eyes!
As we grow and change, 20 years from now we will be a very different person. That is why occasional rereading of such profound books as A/Y keeps on giving. It just keeps on inspiring the serious devotees of the Lord.
I am not suggesting that one waits 20 years to do that second and third reading, as even now we can miss so much. Also the books one reads from SRF are not just the plagiarized copies of one persons version, SRF editions are cleared and approved by a board of Personally trained Yogis that Yogananda Himself set up years ago. You have the product tested by a number of PY's best!
From my research and experience, I would only trust publications of Paramahansa Yogananda's works that come from Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers. Not only because that is what the master wanted, but many of those persons who did the final editing for Yogananda were personally trained by Him, also because those same persons are very advanced souls and exceptional editors who deeply and clearly understood what the Master wished.

They did Him very proud! Even the new film "Awake! The Life of Yogananda" is an exceptional cinematic production that will touch millions of lives.
As human nature goes, there are a lot of 2nd rate copycats out there who are attempting to glorify themselves disrespectfully publishing all of parts of Paramahansa Yogananda's works [and older copies of stuff He since updated before his demise]. Only SRF Publishers issue His latest accurate works today consistent with the Master's wishes.
Others have tried to change Yogananda's teaching while riding on His coattails, others betrayed His good name by their behavior. SEE>> http://swamikriyanandatruth.wordpress.com/fake-swami-2/
Everybody is trying to get a piece of the action, alas on closer investigation - they don't even come close. Wannabe teachers don't always have a good history! Look a little closer!
If it's Yogananda you want, His only org to trust is YSS/ Self-Realization Fellowship [Publishers]. The only org the master regularly recommended to all devotees is SRF/YSS.
Below > You bought the right edition! The living Master, Paramahansa Yogananda will personally show you when you should read it again - and so much more will be revealed to you.
You know it's sort of like when we first see the ocean and are filled with awe - it is so grand and expansive.
Yet, when we are serious enough to dive deep beneath the surface - that first awesome feeling is expanded in our consciousness a thousand times. This is the analogy of one who persues the Master's life and work far beneath the surface and first readings!
This Book is a scripture that explodes a lot of myths blowing old dogmatic beliefs out of the water. With wit charm and wisdom, Autobiography of a Yogi finally proved that;
Yogananda came to America at a time when the physical sciences were making people a little starry eyed about a world of relativity that is really mostly a lot of light and shadows.
He introduced us more fully into the "Science of Religion" without dogmatism. Yogananda brought us the theory, instructions, and great demonstration of this greatest of all sciences- the exploration and enlightenment of inner space with SRF/YSS Kriya Yoga.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

With Kriya Yoga.
Kriya Yoga Meditation methods from YSS/SRF
 When Paramahansa Yogananda gave his first speech in America – “The Science of Religion” he had something very important in mind.
The Master later said of Yoga; "This is not a Creed or Dogma - this is the Science the Soul and Spirit."   © SRF Publishers LA USA.

Inner Space Exploration does not require any special equipment, nor does it need a wealth of modern technology. The discovery of our vast spiritual consciousness and infinite potentials of our Inner Space only requires the loving guidance of a true Guru - a " living Christ." And a lot of sincere effort and Loyalty on our part. Of course the Grace of God and Guru are always waiting there to bless the striving devotees of SRF.

This was to counterbalance the disproportionate emphasis that Westerners were applying to the outer world of the technology and the senses. Physical technology, which is more and more destroying this planet and not really adding to anyone’s happiness or well-being. Modern technology has sadly fallen into the hands of greed and mindless expansionism/capitalism/corporatism. Whose quest for greed and power seems very blind. The downside of the benefits to the few are degrading the future of so many others, including our grandchildren. SRF Kriya Yoga meditation will help bring us the balance for world peace and true brotherhood by producing ethical citizens of higher awareness and compassion, of vision, creativity and insight.

One can be of any race or religion, or any social status- rich or penniless. All the highest opportunities for success are open to one who asks the right questions and applies that knowledge with single minded determination. SRF Kriya Yoga Meditation from Self-Realization Fellowship is the way according to Yogananda's many comments about how to find Reality - God.
As the devotee progresses - leaving the relative world of matter consciousness further and further behind, he/she can go farther and faster with greater safety than those who seek to explore outer space. Reach your full potential with Kriya Yoga from YSS/SRF. You can even do this while pursuing your earthly goals and responsibilities of family life.

Paramahansa Yogananda is one of the world’s most recent "living Christs", His boundless compassion made these teachings available to all as by the example of His great life and wisdom teachings. He brought from His predecessors the most sacred methods of communing with Reality into the mainstream of the worlds sincere seekers. In this age of the 21st century, there seems to be an explosion of seekers around the world. One of the most powerful movements that is fulfilling his need is the sweeping spread of many forms of Yoga from the holy land -India. Yogananda was one of the first adventurers to launch the Sanatana Dharma initially from California USA,
This is nothing really that new, as even in ancient times seekers from many parts of the ancient world knew and discovered that India held the key and living examples of successful God knowers.
Alexander the Great brought back a true Guru from India as part of his spiritual search. Appolonious of Tyana [c15 to c100 CE] completed his spiritual training in India and brought back this wisdom to the middle east and Italy. Greek mathematicians and others brought back geometry and democratic governance. Jesus spent half of his life in India, there is a very long list. And today in modern times we have thousands of persons [who think they are missionaries] actually going to India to learn what real religion is about. They must be following up on Mark Twain's hint after he returned from a few months in India. He wrote, "If you want to know what real religion is about, spend some time in India."
We need a more balanced education in this century going forward. 

This slogan and input has been inspired by the advanced educational work of such personages like Paramahansa Yogananda, R Tagore, and Montessori schools.

So let's put more and more of our emphasis with education on going within, instead of too much on the outer relative world which is mostly disappointing in the long run. The outer sensual relative world is only the shadow of Reality, we can do better!
The "real world" is our "inner space", beyond the sensory awareness of the "outer imaginary world." "The more one masters this inner space - the more one also masters the outer relative world,  the imaginary dream world. the whole object of spirituality  when properly applied  and understood is to "Get Real." That Reality is God. Get yourself out of the pit of political correctness and become fearless.
Be sure to see the film "Awake The Life of Yogananda" available on DVD from SRF-org

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Guided Meditations from Self-Realization Fellowship YSS/SRF


Mahavatar Babaji

Although this "Lotus Posture " is a great way to sit for Meditation.
The True yogi Knows that sitting in a chair will do just as well.
He knows that there is never only one way to do something, that idea is for small minds.
There may be better ways, which may work according to degrees of better.
When we see the life, love, grace and wisdom that was given us through YSS/SRF,
Yogananda's SRF/YSS organization, we see that He only stressed 
that which is truly important and balanced. Wherever Divine Mother has placed
us in this life, that may be the best place for us to Realize the Self !
Paramahansa Yogananda showed us the wonderful Kriya Yoga from Babaji.
Look and see How many wonderful saints this path is producing.
Mastering the ego is very necessary, but sitting in the Lotus is not!
The yogi also knows that there is more than one valid way to do Kriya Yoga, but what Yogananda has left us in SRF/YSS is reliable, proven, and complete.
As in practice was done by Lahiri Mahasaya. It is finally the results that count!
And those results depend primarily on your efforts and correct practice,
with devotion and the Guru's grace.

You can read about the lives of these Great Ones in SRF editions of
Paramahansa Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi."

These Gurus are "Living Gurus", read and learn about how they are still very powerfully and effectively working through the lives of all Loyal SRF/YSS devotees. I want to make this testimonial from my own experience,
That Self-Realization Fellowship course, blessings, and publications have all you will ever need to fulfill the highest material and spiritual goals of your life.

Friday, 14 June 2013

World Brotherhood Colonies, When ?
A hint from the book "Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda."
Page 42 (c) Self-Realization Publishers LA USA
"I am going to the hills to be alone with God,"
                                               a student informed the Master.
"You will not advance spiritually in that way," Paramahansaji replied.
"Your mind is not ready to concentrate deeply on Spirit. Your thoughts 
will dwell mostly on memories of people and worldly pastimes, even though 
you remain in a cave. Cheerful performance of your earthly duties,
coupled wit daily meditation, is the better path." 

Now, living in a commune is not quite the same as being a hermit.
But as Yoganandaji has pointed out elsewhere, pp where "the Lord has
placed you in life may be the best place for you to win this battle.pp."
In fact many of those who got involved with JDW at Ananda at the beginning
had to very seriously change direction with him as he started out
directing everyone to live a sort of monastic life, only to find out he really 
still desired to be a householder himself - at which he did not succeed.
In fact, by his own admissions, he never did remain faithful to his monastic
vows and was never a swami after c1983. Having abused many naive women
over many many years, even before he was fired from SRF.

So he pulled every one else through his own learning curves while
not understanding that even though his charisma could sway some 
people he was not a real spiritual leader for them.[history tells the rest]
Had things been different, he would not have carried on as he did for
so many years. He still was learning a lot of the basics like so many 
of us other devotees. He was never spiritually mature leadership quality.


WBC was one of Paramahansa Yogananda's great visions/ideals.
But, before His Mahasamadhi He made some major changes in
His visions for His church of Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS.
As He began revising His wonderful Autobiography of a Yogi
since 1946, He personally removed a large portion of a page that talked
about these colonies [WBC.s] and he ordered the rest to be
removed by His editors in chief in later final editions.
He also disbanded the one WBC at Encinitas CA many years earlier.
Yogananda effectively got out of the WBC business.

He recommended to His devotees that the kind of "communities" He wanted for them for
now was to move and live in close proximity to the SRF temples they were attending.
The Master was obviously aware of future problems and failures of JDW.

Paramahansa Yogananda's final vision has now flourished as a great number
 of consciousness raising communities within the gigantic world wide community
known as the Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Sat Sangha.
Within this great world wide SRF/YSS community these hundreds of smaller
spiritual "World Brotherhood Communities" of  SRF/YSS Temples environs,
Meditation Groups, and meditation Circles" are all having a profound
& positive effect on world peace, and are creating a spiritual renaissance
and serving to create many enlightened kriyabans in SRF/YSS.

When Sri Sri Daya Mata became the President and leader of Yogananda's
great world legacy -SRR/YSS, there were about 60 temples and med groups.
When she passed on there were well over 500 groups with millions of members.
This kind of growth requires wise use of all resources. Master was right to delay
the idea of WBC's, in favor of looking after all the other growth properly.

The founding/ setting up of a WBC commune however is no small venture,

and the larger it is the more complex all the issues will become - like a small town.
This is not what the master intended, groups of a few dozen should be the limit.

And it is easy to say that it will be based upon the teachings of Yogananda, but
upon whose interpretation of those teachings will it be based? And will that group
have true spiritual and moral leadership of the caliber we see in Yogananda's
YSS/SRF communities? In many well known experiments with WCB.s , these show
a lack of true spiritual leadership and have caused many problems for devotees.
[ see   http://www.anandainfo.com/services/swami_kriyananda.htm and https://swamikriyanandatruth.wordpress.com/about-2/]
Leaders of some groups have attempted to gravitate devotees away from SRF
and Yogananda in order to promote their own egoistic obsessions and other
base instincts. The executives of one group got the reward of being called
"Nayawamis" for doing so much work to cover up their founders sins.
Alas, this is simply a pseudo monastic path with no spiritual roots.

Why this change in Yogananda's vision and practice?
 A great idea does not become 
less when one finds

 the timing [of the world] is not yet ready. 
When a spiritual organization is in the very early growth stages it can
make much better use of its resources by concentrating on the Master's
main purpose for being in America - not to create spiritual communities
but to spread and teach Kriya Yoga and advanced the spiritual lifestyle.
To give any great emphasis to this ideal of WBC's when resources were
seriously needed to serve new members and complete other major tasks
 would be very impractical and anti productive.
Sri Daya Mata understood where best to use SRF resources and kept
away from the commune activities of other groups. This is why there
has been such wonderful growth of Yogananda's SRF over those years.

Also, Communes effectively isolate devotees from the social fabric
of the world. When devotees remained near temples and continued their
sadhana in the midst of so many other groups in the public scene, they
served at greater purpose of helping others get to know of Kriya Yoga.
Devotees also had a better balance by daily intermixing with other faiths.


I don't live in a WBC, so every week I attend the local group of
Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Circle as Yogananda recommends.
This is the great SRF spiritual community experience Master talked about,
to accelerate ones spiritual progress and personal transformation.
The working with many other sincere SRF devotees is very rewarding both
as a community and spiritually without the restrictions and dangers of
being tied down to a "commune."
"The receiving of Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons is not the end of
your relationship with SRF but only the beginning." PY

Yogananda shares His vision for SRF/YSS with Kriyabans
The Wisdom of Paramahansa Yogananda
Self-Realization Fellowship site [Lessons, Books, & Meditation]

Personally, there was a time when I too was all excited about WBC's.
Then in circa 1979, after a meeting and a chat with Ananda's founder (JDW at Ananda),
 I decided that his community would not really help my spiritual life.
I was not impressed by JD Walters SK, and that meeting taught me to avoid all unqualified wannabee gurus.
I was thus saved from the greatest error in this life. It took a few more years to
understand that Yogananda Himself began to put this WBC idea on hold.
[So if you strongly disagree with me - you too can take a few
more years to get the bigger picture.] And as time went on it became
 obvious and proven  that under the friendly and warm superficial face of
that institution [Ananda], there were a lot of toxic behaviors going on.
The evidence is out there...the court records are out there - read them. /Because you won't get the truth from your institutionalized Ananda leadership.

The basis of this ideal is still a great and amazing vision, but in the 20th century
[and who knows till when] qualified leadership to lead such projects
properly simply too rare. After Yogananda's great mahasamadhi in 1952
Self-Realization Fellowship duties and growth were still very demanding.
We can thank the wise and practical leadership of saintly Daya Mata and others for
not wasting the orgs resources on such a project that can be done better in the future.
Remember - this was a  project that even Yogananda showed signs of slowing down on.
Plus, as we have seen, spiritual communes can at times create whole sets of new
problems, which in some cases can harm Yogananda's mission by changing
His teachings and attacking His church for their own desperate attempt at supremacy.
There are some cases where the main purpose appears to be the fulfilling
of the leaders distorted agendas. His /her own need to prove something to the world.

And some of those who thought they knew better than Yogananda really did do much
more harm and confused a lot of lives including their own. They were on egocentric
fanatical trips deluded by their exaggerations of self-importance - usually in
 control of everyone else but themselves as history so clearly records.
So much for not listening to the Guru!
see anandauncovered.com and  https://swamikriyanandatruth.wordpress.com/about-2/                     
See -- it is sad that even though JDW himself admits to all the stuff in these above web
sites, Ananda is still in denial. The apple does not fall far from the tree!

[the evidence is out there! read it ]

Most spiritual [natural living] communities  founded in the 1960's, 70's, & 80's
either totally failed, or failed many of those who lived there, or lost 
their original mandate and became even more materialistic and insecure.
It is a sad record of blind and impractical agenda created by
one man/womans effort to prove themselves at the expense of others lives.

When Self-Realization Fellowship publishers were able to finally
publish the fully revised editions of Yogananda's Autobiography with
all the changes the Master had requested it was in circa 1958.
There was no mention at all in that and present editions about WBC's.
This is a great thing - none of those failed and/or abusive communities
could point to that great book A/Y and say that "Yogananda said we
should do this." But of course there are always some who do not see
subtle warnings and cautions of the Master. There will be plenty of
time in the future when people are more evolved to do some work in that area.
The same thing happened with some other aspects of Yogananda's
vision for His global teachings of Kriya Yoga and world peace.
Those who knew how to listen to the master did pick up on these
changes, those who were blinded by their own ambitions would
not accept His latest suggestions - they imagined they knew better!

The Self-Realization Fellowship is Yogananda!

Another change the master emphasized was the importance of having
all of the teaching and organizing of His world wide work centered fully
at His international headquarters at the SRF Mother Center in LA USA.
To this end did He put this in writing, "divine Mother has shown me that
in the earlier generations of this work all of it must by centered from
Headquarters [SRF], otherwise in a few generations it may all fall apart."PP
[this is paraphrased from a letter sent to the center leader in Mexico city]
To this end Yogananda also wrote that He wanted all of his intellectual
property to belong solely to Self-Realization Fellowship. Those who publish
Yogananda's works outside of SRF/YSS have no real loyalty to Him.
And therefore will not be attuned to Him for guidance and other blessings.

That is why He gave so many more mentions of "Self-Realization Fellowship"
when He added the 49th chapter to His sacred Autobiography of a Yogi.
Whereas previous to the mid 1940's the master was a little more open
to encouraging too many persons with the blessings of teaching others
about Kriya Yoga. Of course by now it is well established that
 Ananda not only continued to steal and use such SRF material for many years
, but in all the books written by their deceased leader is a vast collection
 of plagiarism and copy cat projects that essentially disregarded the wishes
 and visions of Paramahansa Yogananda. They also authorize themselves
to initiate others into kriya yoga and have established a new pseudo
monastic tradition, a tradition that has no valid spiritual basis or
connection to the ancients Swami orders of India.  Kriyananda's flagrant disregard for
this sacred tradition and institution was demonstrated in various ways.
He not only broke his monastic vows early on, but also insulted other advanced
monastics and took it upon himself to create a dead swami lineage with
no spiritual person to lead it.
Yogananda, however said only SRF ministers

should teach and initiate new devotees into Kriya Yoga. This would be
consistent with many other things Yogananda said in this matter.

As JDW well knew by the following letter he wrote in 1957 to a
devotee; "It is our policy to permit only ordained ministers
 to give the Kriya Yoga initiation.
Master said that after his passing he wanted only --
-SRF renunciates to be ordained as ministers,
 and at that only after a minimum of seven years
in one of our colonies[ashrams]..."

                                                signed -D Walters, 1957
It is evident from this and many other problems that JDW had that
 he had no serious regard for the wishes of Paramahansa Yogananda.

see https://www.facebook.com/SRFYSSYoganandaAnswers?fref=ts

Did Yogananda really want Self-Realization Fellowship to be the
hub and center for this wonderful new spiritual legacy for the world?
Yes - In over 100 places in His writings and talks Yogananda makes this
absolutely clear. If you doubt this you haven't done your research!
I fully trust all those publications from SRF and those
who edited Yogananda's work. Any errors that ever happened at
SRF of very minor compared to the record of some other groups.
I do not fully trust publications from other groups who put 
Yogananda's name on books He did not write, books He did 
not authorize - as he gave all His intellectual rights to SRF only...

How great prophets tweak their visions and plans according to the
practicalities of changing situations.
Jesus, for example, emphasized early in his ministry that his purpose
in returning to Southern Judea was for "the salvation of the Hebrews."
As time went on, and Hebrew leadership rejected his claims, He changed
this emphasis and told his disciples "go out into all the world and baptize
those who will believe."
Like some persons after Yogananda left the scene, JC's disciples did
not hear His changes of vision. As a result they would not baptize you
unless you were a Jew [Hebrew in those days]. Jesus had to appear to
Peter to correct this serious error [vision at the home of Simon the tanner]
following which many apostles had a meeting where there approach
was corrected on this issue by the whole group.

LINKS;   Yogananda's Legacy Canada
               Yoganandas legacy launching & Biography

So if Yogananda wanted to leave everything the same why would he go
into such a serious effort to make important vision changes.
If Yogananda wanted persons to read the 1946 outdated editions of
his Autobiography of a Yogi why did he keep making so many changes
with each new printing. His latest is His Greatest message! Until the
great Mahasamadhi He kept giving us His very best! Get with it!
Do you still think you know better than the Guru? Kriyananda did,
and he ended up being a "great disappointment" to Yogananda!

Be assured that the Self-Realization Fellowship is accurately fulfilling
the mandate and vision left by Paramahansa Yogananda, their work and
leadership over the last many many years has been outstanding. And
they have not changed any teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda!


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How Meditation opens the Hearts Intuition

How to Rediscover Paramahansa Yogananda's world wide      Legacy in its true vision.
Rediscover Yogananda for the world through His Self-Realization Fellowship.
In the ancient traditions of Yoga [union] the object of Bakta or devotional meditation is a practice is a ritual that is strongly recommended by Paramahansa Yogananda to 
bring peace and self-transformation and freedom to your life.
In Yogananda's wisdom as presented in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons course, you will find all you need to reach the highest goals of an advanced spiritual life through Babaji's Kriya Yoga from SRF/YSS.
Downloading older SRF lessons from the web is not the same thing, not the same connection!

They are outdated and may not even carry the masters Blessings - a powerful
and necessary ingredient when pursuing life's most challenging and sacred quest!

Awaken the hearts pure love and intuition.
Only then will you know the holy spirit & spiritual truths.
This Intuition operates beyond what is called the "psychic"  realms.
Samadhi is also beyond any sort of hypnosis. Similarities are only superficial!
No real life change is accomplished without these two elements -

the intelligent plan and the power to execute it. The plan is
merely a set of instructions, devotion gives the power to manifest it.

Devotion also gives us that unlimited inner strength & intuition
to change our awareness from the unreal to the Real.
Devotion also give us the power to change the most difficult

of our human behaviors from negative to positive ones.
To remove the trauma of lifetimes and increase creativity and joy.
To carry us through the darkest realms of doubt and suffering.
To connect us with the living Guru who shows us the way to freedom.

To help us maintain persistence and patience in living the life of a Kriya Yogi.

Note; The revised orange covered  printed edition of the
AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI by Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers
is the one complete, accurate edition and just as the Master ordered it to
be published. When you read it you will see and feel the difference. I did!

Paramahansa Yogananda was himself a true Bakti Yogi,
a Premavatar of Divine love. A fully enlightened Prophet.

Those who met Him were often changed in an instant,
especially after looking into his eyes or hearing him speak.
His teaching methods of KRIYA YOGA have produced
amazing results and attracted and produced many outstanding persons everywhere.
Persons, who in their own right are true saints. [I have met some of them]

Did someone say He teaches Kriya Yoga a bit differently than some others?
Yogananda taught Kriya Yoga as He was taught by his Guru - Where you there?

Just wait a few more years and you will see just how many unproven varieties
of this teaching crop up. Alas, even Lahiri Mahasaya did not always teach it 
the same way to every chela. There are reasons for all of this - think!

He showed us how to become truly free of dogmatism and narrowness,
this beautiful attitude is fully reflected by SRF/YSS saintly leadership.
 to use the power of the mind and will to accomplish all things good.
And how to awaken ourselves out of this second level of dreaming
we call the world of relativity, science is agreeing with religion on this.
This is one of the outstanding hallmarks of the real mystic/yogi, he/she
has gone beyond exclusiveness and narrowness of the sense world,
understands that there is more than one way to do the same thing.
But being eclectic has its limits, what you have put together from many 
great sources becomes far less great after your ego has weakened it!

NOTE; Paramahansa Yogananda declared that He wanted all of His
intellectual property to be published only by Self-Realization Fellowship.

He also showed us how to develop perfect concentration, freedom,
devotion, and meditation, and compassion, to free ourselves from the 
cycles of earthly fear, reincarnation, and karma.....even before death!

Beware of false teachers who are regularly publishing Yogananda's
work and insulting His SRF church for their own agendas, egos, and profit.
In so many places in His works Yoganandaji makes it fully clear that
devotees on the Kriya path from Babaji should work with and support SRF/YSS.
See page 410 of the real Autobiography of a Yogi with the orange cover."

In a letter to Rajarsi Janakananda from Yogananda, September 19, 1935; 
Page 74, A Great Western Yogi, SRF Publishers,LA USA.
          "To be known by God is everything, like the Buddha who
gave up everything, Live only for God, Self-Realization Fellowship
and the Guru's work, and you will attain everlastingness in Heaven."

Kriya Yoga from Self-Realization Fellowship will show you
how to
 commune with that One Reality = Brahman/God.
This is only one of many life transforming new revelations
 that came to the world through Paramahansa Yogananda's Legacy
and other Avatars. The "Great Ones" of this sacred modern lineage. 

NOTE; Kriya Yoga lessons from Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS are complete
and reliable, with ongoing counseling and personal Kriya Yoga initiations.

The inspiring and shining example of a pure and holy life 
is far greater evidence of a true living divine manifestation than the
imaginary manipulations of old prophecies that have already 

fulfilled their mandates long ago in the lives of others.

He lived among us humbly and worked for others with His every breath and heartbeat!
Everywhere He walked and talked they/we were intensely aware of his divinity.
After his demise, there are still endless reports of his workings in the 
lives of His devotees............in the ever present Here and Now!
When one knows Brahman and actually lives in cosmic consciousness,
 the One Reality, the bodily vehicle is hardly necessary any more,
and one is free to work in all dimensions 
of universal existence.
Both the time shrouded relativity and the timeless realms of Reality.

This is the full and true meaning of a "Living Prophet".

Since the 1920's, He clarified the words and lives of many of his predecessor manifestations.
All of his efforts were devoted create a world of peace, by bringing East and West together
This wonderful spiritual classic shown below, is just the bare introduction to His insights
and healing wisdom for the Third millennium and beyond...

Only one way, Only one book, or only one prophet for the world is a dying myth.
Every true/great prophet who has walked this earth will never be Abrogated...

PYisLOVE says: May 2013

New "Mentions" of SRF in 'Autobiography of a Yogi'

JDW has falsely alluded to over 100 new “mentions” of SRF since the first 1946 edition [of Autobiography of a Yogi].  Comparing the current (twelfth) edition released in 1981 to the 1946 edition, one will find approximately only 50, —not 100, —additional references to SRF, and virtually all of those were added by Paramahansaji himself, 43 in the new final 49th chapter alone. 
 The few other references added by SRF appear in photo captions, the list of illustrations, Publisher’s Notes, the Forest Lawn testimonial (which obviously couldn't have been included in the first edition), etc.

People should become aware that when a review says; "This review is from:(Autobiography of a Yogi Reprint of the Philosophical library 1946 First Edition or other non SRF publishers) (Paperback)" 
This 1946 ebook and all the blue covered out of date 1946 editions are mostly from Crystal Clarity publishers [aka Ananda] and others, and are editions which Paramahansa Yogananda began changing as soon as it was published in 1946.. 

You will only know if you are ordering the correct ebook of Autobiography of a Yogi if the price is $1.99 and the publishers is Self-Realization fellowship Publisher.[edition in English]
Do you know better than the Guru?

The orange covered editions printed by Yogananda's own Self-Realization Fellowship publishers, are the only complete up to date, & trustworthy editions which truly represents the final instructions for this book by Yogananda Himself. Now also available in ebook form. Be sure SRF is the publisher.Above is the cover photo of that true up to date edition as Yogananda wanted it to be. [So if you don't like cheap 5mp cameras! You should really try the rebel series like T5i or 70d.] This is like the difference between the earlier out of date 1946 editions, & the superior Orange covered SRF editions of the new and properly revised Autobiography of a Yogi from SRF. The Master knows best!
 SRF Editions come with a treasured recording of Paramahansa Yogananda's voice included free as well. 
Again - all 1946 editions [also on Kindle 2013] are also all out of date and incomplete!

Yogananda once said; "You may change my words, but don't change my meanings."
SRF Publishers have changed this book only according to instructions and precedents set up by Yogananda before He passed on in 1952. Those in charge of His work are trustworthy and knew fully His final vision. They have kept his teachings pure and unchanged! Those who left SRF often did not have that loyalty or understanding of the Master's work.

Please also look up www.yogananda-srf.org
to know more about the Master's legacy and teachings.
There you will find basic Free meditation instructions
and other valuable course data.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

This new site is under development PYislove

Revelations and Contributions to the World
 by Paramahansa Yogananda 

1. His Teachings show us the real restoration of the Teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Gospels. Many made this claim, none other has so completely explained Christs deepest teachings and defrocked popular beliefs of their pagan roots adapted during Roman times.

2. Paramahansa Yogananda brought us the full scientific methodology of the ancient science of Yoga     Meditation including the sacred Kriya Yoga for world wide distribution via His very unique church -Yogoda Sat Sangha / Self-Realization Fellowship.

3. Yogananda's Legacy covers every possible aspect of human self-transformation; the mental, physical, and spiritual health, and the means to live a healthy, happy, harmonious, and successful life in this world. Study His wisdom writings and talks, and the priceless Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons course.  All available with personal counseling from SRF/YSS.

4. He created How to Live schools and an education system for Youth based upon spiritual and moral  principles. These methods were highly praised by Mahatma Gandhi, Luther Burbank, and others.

5. Created Energization Exercises, a unique Yogic Isometric Exercise Program in 1917. This system, based upon Yoga principles, is so arranged that it enhances Kriya Yoga Practice by giving the practitioner greater control and awareness of the body's energy systems, and strengthens Telemeres DNA tassels. As well as performing many other functions usually derived from practice of Hatha Yoga Postures.

6. His inspired dissertations about the nature of the mind and human consciousness are ahead of our time even in the 21st century. He was truly a master Psychologist/Psychiatrist.

7.The Master's work and teaching on brain plasticity were ground breaking in the 20th century, and continue to help millions of seekers/devotees transform their lives.

8. He worked tirelessly to eradicate religious misunderstandings and conflict. His contributions to world Pluralism, Ecumenicism,  Peace and brotherhood were enlightening and effective. 

9. Yogananda wrote major revelatory commentaries of profound spirituality for Christians, Orientals, and the Arabic world. His concepts made such effective contributions the rid the world of religious prejudice and exclusivism.

10. He left the world one of its most complete and profound Global Spiritual Legacys.

11. He established new and highly advanced New Religious Movement called the Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Sat Sangha, a world wide organization that have so far avoided the historic distorting of the founders teachings and principles.

12. Yogananda's concepts and techniques of Kriya Yoga develop ones character, well being, powers of will and concentration, creativity and happiness. Wile dissolving traumas of recent and ancient Karmas.

13. He taught us about Brain Plasticity all through his lectures, and how the creative powers of the brain and mind could be expanded in unlimited ways.


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