Has SRF Lost its Way - NO!

Has SRF Lost its Way - NO!
This Living Prophet/Savior is still working in the world of SRF devotees.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How Meditation opens the Hearts Intuition

How to Rediscover Paramahansa Yogananda's world wide      Legacy in its true vision.
Rediscover Yogananda for the world through His Self-Realization Fellowship.
In the ancient traditions of Yoga [union] the object of Bakta or devotional meditation is a practice is a ritual that is strongly recommended by Paramahansa Yogananda to 
bring peace and self-transformation and freedom to your life.
In Yogananda's wisdom as presented in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons course, you will find all you need to reach the highest goals of an advanced spiritual life through Babaji's Kriya Yoga from SRF/YSS.
Downloading older SRF lessons from the web is not the same thing, not the same connection!

They are outdated and may not even carry the masters Blessings - a powerful
and necessary ingredient when pursuing life's most challenging and sacred quest!

Awaken the hearts pure love and intuition.
Only then will you know the holy spirit & spiritual truths.
This Intuition operates beyond what is called the "psychic"  realms.
Samadhi is also beyond any sort of hypnosis. Similarities are only superficial!
No real life change is accomplished without these two elements -

the intelligent plan and the power to execute it. The plan is
merely a set of instructions, devotion gives the power to manifest it.

Devotion also gives us that unlimited inner strength & intuition
to change our awareness from the unreal to the Real.
Devotion also give us the power to change the most difficult

of our human behaviors from negative to positive ones.
To remove the trauma of lifetimes and increase creativity and joy.
To carry us through the darkest realms of doubt and suffering.
To connect us with the living Guru who shows us the way to freedom.

To help us maintain persistence and patience in living the life of a Kriya Yogi.

Note; The revised orange covered  printed edition of the
AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI by Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers
is the one complete, accurate edition and just as the Master ordered it to
be published. When you read it you will see and feel the difference. I did!

Paramahansa Yogananda was himself a true Bakti Yogi,
a Premavatar of Divine love. A fully enlightened Prophet.

Those who met Him were often changed in an instant,
especially after looking into his eyes or hearing him speak.
His teaching methods of KRIYA YOGA have produced
amazing results and attracted and produced many outstanding persons everywhere.
Persons, who in their own right are true saints. [I have met some of them]

Did someone say He teaches Kriya Yoga a bit differently than some others?
Yogananda taught Kriya Yoga as He was taught by his Guru - Where you there?

Just wait a few more years and you will see just how many unproven varieties
of this teaching crop up. Alas, even Lahiri Mahasaya did not always teach it 
the same way to every chela. There are reasons for all of this - think!

He showed us how to become truly free of dogmatism and narrowness,
this beautiful attitude is fully reflected by SRF/YSS saintly leadership.
 to use the power of the mind and will to accomplish all things good.
And how to awaken ourselves out of this second level of dreaming
we call the world of relativity, science is agreeing with religion on this.
This is one of the outstanding hallmarks of the real mystic/yogi, he/she
has gone beyond exclusiveness and narrowness of the sense world,
understands that there is more than one way to do the same thing.
But being eclectic has its limits, what you have put together from many 
great sources becomes far less great after your ego has weakened it!

NOTE; Paramahansa Yogananda declared that He wanted all of His
intellectual property to be published only by Self-Realization Fellowship.

He also showed us how to develop perfect concentration, freedom,
devotion, and meditation, and compassion, to free ourselves from the 
cycles of earthly fear, reincarnation, and karma.....even before death!

Beware of false teachers who are regularly publishing Yogananda's
work and insulting His SRF church for their own agendas, egos, and profit.
In so many places in His works Yoganandaji makes it fully clear that
devotees on the Kriya path from Babaji should work with and support SRF/YSS.
See page 410 of the real Autobiography of a Yogi with the orange cover."

In a letter to Rajarsi Janakananda from Yogananda, September 19, 1935; 
Page 74, A Great Western Yogi, SRF Publishers,LA USA.
          "To be known by God is everything, like the Buddha who
gave up everything, Live only for God, Self-Realization Fellowship
and the Guru's work, and you will attain everlastingness in Heaven."

Kriya Yoga from Self-Realization Fellowship will show you
how to
 commune with that One Reality = Brahman/God.
This is only one of many life transforming new revelations
 that came to the world through Paramahansa Yogananda's Legacy
and other Avatars. The "Great Ones" of this sacred modern lineage. 

NOTE; Kriya Yoga lessons from Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS are complete
and reliable, with ongoing counseling and personal Kriya Yoga initiations.

The inspiring and shining example of a pure and holy life 
is far greater evidence of a true living divine manifestation than the
imaginary manipulations of old prophecies that have already 

fulfilled their mandates long ago in the lives of others.

He lived among us humbly and worked for others with His every breath and heartbeat!
Everywhere He walked and talked they/we were intensely aware of his divinity.
After his demise, there are still endless reports of his workings in the 
lives of His devotees............in the ever present Here and Now!
When one knows Brahman and actually lives in cosmic consciousness,
 the One Reality, the bodily vehicle is hardly necessary any more,
and one is free to work in all dimensions 
of universal existence.
Both the time shrouded relativity and the timeless realms of Reality.

This is the full and true meaning of a "Living Prophet".

Since the 1920's, He clarified the words and lives of many of his predecessor manifestations.
All of his efforts were devoted create a world of peace, by bringing East and West together
This wonderful spiritual classic shown below, is just the bare introduction to His insights
and healing wisdom for the Third millennium and beyond...

Only one way, Only one book, or only one prophet for the world is a dying myth.
Every true/great prophet who has walked this earth will never be Abrogated...

PYisLOVE says: May 2013

New "Mentions" of SRF in 'Autobiography of a Yogi'

JDW has falsely alluded to over 100 new “mentions” of SRF since the first 1946 edition [of Autobiography of a Yogi].  Comparing the current (twelfth) edition released in 1981 to the 1946 edition, one will find approximately only 50, —not 100, —additional references to SRF, and virtually all of those were added by Paramahansaji himself, 43 in the new final 49th chapter alone. 
 The few other references added by SRF appear in photo captions, the list of illustrations, Publisher’s Notes, the Forest Lawn testimonial (which obviously couldn't have been included in the first edition), etc.

People should become aware that when a review says; "This review is from:(Autobiography of a Yogi Reprint of the Philosophical library 1946 First Edition or other non SRF publishers) (Paperback)" 
This 1946 ebook and all the blue covered out of date 1946 editions are mostly from Crystal Clarity publishers [aka Ananda] and others, and are editions which Paramahansa Yogananda began changing as soon as it was published in 1946.. 

You will only know if you are ordering the correct ebook of Autobiography of a Yogi if the price is $1.99 and the publishers is Self-Realization fellowship Publisher.[edition in English]
Do you know better than the Guru?

The orange covered editions printed by Yogananda's own Self-Realization Fellowship publishers, are the only complete up to date, & trustworthy editions which truly represents the final instructions for this book by Yogananda Himself. Now also available in ebook form. Be sure SRF is the publisher.Above is the cover photo of that true up to date edition as Yogananda wanted it to be. [So if you don't like cheap 5mp cameras! You should really try the rebel series like T5i or 70d.] This is like the difference between the earlier out of date 1946 editions, & the superior Orange covered SRF editions of the new and properly revised Autobiography of a Yogi from SRF. The Master knows best!
 SRF Editions come with a treasured recording of Paramahansa Yogananda's voice included free as well. 
Again - all 1946 editions [also on Kindle 2013] are also all out of date and incomplete!

Yogananda once said; "You may change my words, but don't change my meanings."
SRF Publishers have changed this book only according to instructions and precedents set up by Yogananda before He passed on in 1952. Those in charge of His work are trustworthy and knew fully His final vision. They have kept his teachings pure and unchanged! Those who left SRF often did not have that loyalty or understanding of the Master's work.

Please also look up www.yogananda-srf.org
to know more about the Master's legacy and teachings.
There you will find basic Free meditation instructions
and other valuable course data.

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  1. I appreciate and respect the Yoganda for the great spiritual legacy for mankind during the 3rd millenium. Thank you for the geat historical artical that brings the memory of our legendary back.