Has SRF Lost its Way - NO!

Has SRF Lost its Way - NO!
This Living Prophet/Savior is still working in the world of SRF devotees.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Guided Meditations from Self-Realization Fellowship YSS/SRF


Mahavatar Babaji

Although this "Lotus Posture " is a great way to sit for Meditation.
The True yogi Knows that sitting in a chair will do just as well.
He knows that there is never only one way to do something, that idea is for small minds.
There may be better ways, which may work according to degrees of better.
When we see the life, love, grace and wisdom that was given us through YSS/SRF,
Yogananda's SRF/YSS organization, we see that He only stressed 
that which is truly important and balanced. Wherever Divine Mother has placed
us in this life, that may be the best place for us to Realize the Self !
Paramahansa Yogananda showed us the wonderful Kriya Yoga from Babaji.
Look and see How many wonderful saints this path is producing.
Mastering the ego is very necessary, but sitting in the Lotus is not!
The yogi also knows that there is more than one valid way to do Kriya Yoga, but what Yogananda has left us in SRF/YSS is reliable, proven, and complete.
As in practice was done by Lahiri Mahasaya. It is finally the results that count!
And those results depend primarily on your efforts and correct practice,
with devotion and the Guru's grace.

You can read about the lives of these Great Ones in SRF editions of
Paramahansa Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi."

These Gurus are "Living Gurus", read and learn about how they are still very powerfully and effectively working through the lives of all Loyal SRF/YSS devotees. I want to make this testimonial from my own experience,
That Self-Realization Fellowship course, blessings, and publications have all you will ever need to fulfill the highest material and spiritual goals of your life.

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  1. Yoga is actually not a part of exercise, it’s an application of enhancing and clearing your soul with different mess and issues, well explained in this post!