Has SRF Lost its Way - NO!

Has SRF Lost its Way - NO!
This Living Prophet/Savior is still working in the world of SRF devotees.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

With Kriya Yoga.
Kriya Yoga Meditation methods from YSS/SRF
 When Paramahansa Yogananda gave his first speech in America – “The Science of Religion” he had something very important in mind.
The Master later said of Yoga; "This is not a Creed or Dogma - this is the Science the Soul and Spirit."   © SRF Publishers LA USA.

Inner Space Exploration does not require any special equipment, nor does it need a wealth of modern technology. The discovery of our vast spiritual consciousness and infinite potentials of our Inner Space only requires the loving guidance of a true Guru - a " living Christ." And a lot of sincere effort and Loyalty on our part. Of course the Grace of God and Guru are always waiting there to bless the striving devotees of SRF.

This was to counterbalance the disproportionate emphasis that Westerners were applying to the outer world of the technology and the senses. Physical technology, which is more and more destroying this planet and not really adding to anyone’s happiness or well-being. Modern technology has sadly fallen into the hands of greed and mindless expansionism/capitalism/corporatism. Whose quest for greed and power seems very blind. The downside of the benefits to the few are degrading the future of so many others, including our grandchildren. SRF Kriya Yoga meditation will help bring us the balance for world peace and true brotherhood by producing ethical citizens of higher awareness and compassion, of vision, creativity and insight.

One can be of any race or religion, or any social status- rich or penniless. All the highest opportunities for success are open to one who asks the right questions and applies that knowledge with single minded determination. SRF Kriya Yoga Meditation from Self-Realization Fellowship is the way according to Yogananda's many comments about how to find Reality - God.
As the devotee progresses - leaving the relative world of matter consciousness further and further behind, he/she can go farther and faster with greater safety than those who seek to explore outer space. Reach your full potential with Kriya Yoga from YSS/SRF. You can even do this while pursuing your earthly goals and responsibilities of family life.

Paramahansa Yogananda is one of the world’s most recent "living Christs", His boundless compassion made these teachings available to all as by the example of His great life and wisdom teachings. He brought from His predecessors the most sacred methods of communing with Reality into the mainstream of the worlds sincere seekers. In this age of the 21st century, there seems to be an explosion of seekers around the world. One of the most powerful movements that is fulfilling his need is the sweeping spread of many forms of Yoga from the holy land -India. Yogananda was one of the first adventurers to launch the Sanatana Dharma initially from California USA,
This is nothing really that new, as even in ancient times seekers from many parts of the ancient world knew and discovered that India held the key and living examples of successful God knowers.
Alexander the Great brought back a true Guru from India as part of his spiritual search. Appolonious of Tyana [c15 to c100 CE] completed his spiritual training in India and brought back this wisdom to the middle east and Italy. Greek mathematicians and others brought back geometry and democratic governance. Jesus spent half of his life in India, there is a very long list. And today in modern times we have thousands of persons [who think they are missionaries] actually going to India to learn what real religion is about. They must be following up on Mark Twain's hint after he returned from a few months in India. He wrote, "If you want to know what real religion is about, spend some time in India."
We need a more balanced education in this century going forward. 

This slogan and input has been inspired by the advanced educational work of such personages like Paramahansa Yogananda, R Tagore, and Montessori schools.

So let's put more and more of our emphasis with education on going within, instead of too much on the outer relative world which is mostly disappointing in the long run. The outer sensual relative world is only the shadow of Reality, we can do better!
The "real world" is our "inner space", beyond the sensory awareness of the "outer imaginary world." "The more one masters this inner space - the more one also masters the outer relative world,  the imaginary dream world. the whole object of spirituality  when properly applied  and understood is to "Get Real." That Reality is God. Get yourself out of the pit of political correctness and become fearless.
Be sure to see the film "Awake The Life of Yogananda" available on DVD from SRF-org

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  1. Yoga is very beneficial for our inner peace and physical health. i have heard about Paramahansa Yogananda in my mediation yoga class and i am looking forward to buy one of his DVDs.